Grain and Silage Trailers

These trailers are built in many different configurations the most popular being:

  • Grain only trailer with fixed sides
  • Grain & Silage trailer (Grain only trailer with removable silage extensions)

Other variations are:

  • Silage only- Sides are fixed from floor to top.
  • Beet & Grain-This can either be a hinge down panel on one side or both sides of the trailer to enable harvesters to reach in over side.


We can also produce them where the top section is removable on all sides of the trailer to effectively give a grain trailer which can be used at 2 different body heights. In addition we can also make any of the above variations removable where the user may want to use the trailer for bales or pallets. We have even produced them with one fixed side and one removable side.

There are many wheel variations we can fit to these trailers. Please discuss with our sales staff as some of the wheels available will decrease allowable payload and others may increase it. Payloads given above are design payloads and do not indicate that these volumes of cereals/silage can be fitted into the body.

Optional Extras

  • Hydraulic up & over tailboard
  • Rollover cover
  • Flotation wheels
  • Various breakaway systems for Hydraulic brakes.
  • Air brakes
  • Swivel hitch eye.
  • Spoon for 80mm ball.
  • 12V ABS brakes
  • Air Suspension

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