Bale/Flat Trailers

These high quality bale and flat trailers are built in single, tandem and triaxle variations to suit various transport needs.

Standard axle on all models is a 105km/hr commercial axle with 420×180 ‘S’ cam brakes.

All models are fitted with 435/50R19.5 low super single wheels as standard but a selection of other wheel types and sizes are available.

The single axle models have no suspension. The tandem and triaxle models are standard on spring suspension but are available on air suspension as an optional extra.

Floor material is usually 4.5mm steel chequer plate.

Removable front and rear bale racks are standard on the bale trailers. These are usually cranked to get room for an extra round bale on the second row but straight racks are also available. A low sheeted headboard is also available for the front.