Axle Spares

A comprehensive range of axle spares are stocked for the following axle makes

  • Avonride
  • ADR
  • Granning
  • Ifor Williams
  • Indespension
  • Knott
  • R.O.R.

Spares are also stocked to suit the following

  • Bradley
  • BPW
  • SAF
  • Trailor
  • York

When ordering brake shoes it is essential to have the brake size. This is got by measuring the internal diameter of the brake drum in millimetres and the width of the brake shoe

Popular sizes for car trailer shoes would be 203×40, 200×50, 250×40

Popular sizes for Agricultural axles are 300×60, 300×90, 400×80

Popular sizes for Commercial axles are 310×190, 420×180, 420×220

Sometimes when trying to identify unknown axles it is helpful to look at the bearing cap. Look at the manner it is attached. Is

it bolted on and if so, how many bolts? Is it a screw on type cap and if so is the thread on the inside or outside of the cap.

Alternatively it may be a push on/in cap. Does it push into the centre boss of the hub or does it shove on over the boss.

If the hub is off, see are there 2 taper roller bearings or just one of the more modern sealed type cartridge bearings.

Wheel studs are of 2 main types. These are either

the back nut type which is retained in the hub by a nut at the end opposite to the wheel nut.

The other type is the most common and has a head on the inside or rear of the hub. The stud is generally hammered into the hub

and is kept from spinning by the splines which are below or near the head.